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DS Essentials Collection User Guide

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DS Essentials Collection for Technician


A diverse collection of our most popular indicators now available for the ChartIQ Technician platform. The collection includes studies for automated trendlines and support/resistance, cycle analysis, volume profile, candlestick pattern identification, swing identification, divergence identification, multi-timeframe moving averages, Darvas Box and Gann Swing implementations, and several more (19 studies in all). Regardless of your trading/investing methodology, there are tools in this collection that you will find invaluable. Each of the studies, along with all available parameters for each study, is described in detail in the Indicators section.




Technician by ChartIQ is a sophisticated mobile charting platform that goes where you go, no matter what the device. For more information please visit To add DS Essentials to your arsenal of tools just click on the Marketplace link on the Technician home page.



Note: In the documentation that follows all images/thumbnails are "clickable". So if a particular image is too small for you to see clearly, just click on it and a larger version will be displayed.


If you have comments, questions, or suggestions on how we can improve our product, please send an email to and reference DS Essentials in the subject line.


Be sure to visit our web site at We have a number of technical analysis products available in our catalog and we provide development services for several popular platforms.



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